Fall is coming! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the season of heat and fall is the
season of dryness.  These elements can also affect our bodies, so;

1. Try to avoid spicy foods. They can make the affect of fall dryness worse and possibly cause dry
stool, dry cough, or other dryness symptoms.

2. Eat more steamed or stir-fried vegetables and fresh fruit (fruit should be eaten at room
temperature) to moisten your body and eliminate residual summer heat.

3. Due to dramatic temperature changes, people are easy to catch common colds.  Please
remember to dress appropriately for the weather in order to reduce your chances of becoming sick.

4. Wear an extra layer on your knees if you have arthritis at knee joints.

5. If you have the cold phlegm type of asthma, you should start avoiding cold drinks, cold food, and
raw food, all of which increase the coldness in your body and triggers asthma.

All these things will help you have a happier, healthier fall!
Seasonal Note - Fall
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