In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season of wind and, in terms of organs, it belongs to
the liver.  These elements can affect our bodies and minds, so;

1. If you get angry easily, have headaches due to stress, or feel distending rib pain, you may have
“liver fire” or liver energy stagnation problems. To correct this using Chinese Medicine, you can try
to eat some bitter tasting vegetables such as bitter melon, or drink Chrysanthemum tea to reduce
this liver fire.  Also, try to exercise more to encourage movement of energy in your body in order to
reduce the stagnation. For a new and effective exercise, try Tai Chi.

2. If spring is your allergy season, and you are suffering from sinusitis, clear runny nose, tears, and
sneezing, you may want to wear a mask or considering having an acupuncture treatment.  You can
also take the herbal formula “Bi Min Gan Wan” to reduce these symptoms and take “Yu Ping Feng
San” to correct your immune system’s response to allergens.

3. If you have been treated for allergies before but the symptoms are coming back during this
season, now is the time to schedule an appointment: your immune system needs to be readjusted
over and over overcome allergies
Seasonal Note - Spring
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