In summer, most places are running their air conditioning very cold to make people feel
comfortable.  People are also drinking ice cold beverages after sweating in the heat.  However, this
sudden exposure to cold may damage your body.  You may experience upper abdomen area
cramps, a stiff neck, and an increase to your chance of developing arthritis.  In Chinese medicine,
these symptoms are called “cold invasion”.  Additionally, a feeling of heaviness or puffiness in your
body is called “dampness” in Chinese medicine.  To avoid “cold invasion” and “dampness,” simply:

1. Have your umbilicus (belly button) covered when you go to a cold room or when you sleep.  This
can help to prevent stomach cramps and diarrhea due to the cold.

2. Do not sit or sleep near a central air register or close to a fan.  This can help prevent stiff neck,
stiffness of your other muscles, or Bell’s palsy.

3. If you are sweating, you should slowly and gradually enter cold areas and should not wash your
hands with ice-cold water. This will help you avoid arthritis in later life.

4. If you feel hot, or sweat a lot, drink hot tea or hot water slowly instead of dumping cold drinks into
your stomach.  This can prevent you from dampness, feeling heavy and puffy body.  It can also help
you to lose weight.

5.Sunshine is beautiful.  If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, it is good time to have some sunshine.  
But in order to protect your skin from future disease, please remember to cover yourself with either
long sleeve thin shirts and long thin pants or sunscreen when you stay under the sun (such as
playing golf, working outside, gardening, etc).

6.Ware sun glasses to reduce the chance of getting cataracts.
Seasonal Note - Summer
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