In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is the season of coldness.  So,

1. do not go out of doors or into a cold room when you are sweating.  This will help to prevent cold
wind from invading your body, which can result in runny nose, headache, and cough.  If you start
having clear nasal discharge, feel chills, or experience body aches, drink
Ginger Tea to expel the
coldness out of your body as soon as possible or come to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine
doctor for a healing session.

. Winter season is also a holiday season.  There are always lots of candies, cookies available.  If
you want your kids and grandkids to be healthy, please try NOT to REWARD them with sweets,
such as cookies, candy, chocolate, or ice cream.  Instead, reward them with fruits, and nuts.  This
way, when they grow up, they will not associate junk food with reward.

. During the winter season, some people feel a little low mood or low energy.  If you feel low, you
A.        eat a little more red meat, and colorful vegetables, such as red bell pepper,  yellow squash,
and carrots.
B.        go out 10-20 min when it is a sunny day or sit closer to windows to expose your arms and
face to the sunshine.
C.        go to more social gatherings and  talk more to people who have positive thoughts.

4. If you feel cold in your limbs during the winter, you can:
A.        eat more beef or lamb cooked with ginger.
B.        eat some spicy food,
C.        please also eat vegetables with the beef, lamb, or spicy food to avoid inviting too much heat
into your body.

5. It is recommended to wear sun glasses when you ski, shovel snow, or drive on snowy roads to
reduce your chance of developing cataracts.  Because snow is white, it reflects all light and can be
as harmful as staring into the sun.
Seasonal Note - Winter
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