The following are tips for new moms and who will take care the new moms (within 30
days of delivery):

1. Do not drink or eat cold
2. Only have hot water shower, no cold water or lukewarm water shower
3. Eat at least 2 - 3 eggs per day
4. Drink chicken (the best chicken are the chicken have eggs) soup and eat chicken
5. If the mom lack of breast milk, drink fish soup without salt.
6. If it is possible, bake the placenta and make it into powder and take it within the

Recipe for chicken soup for new moms:
1. One matured chicken, the older the better, cut into about 2"x2" pieces
2. Salt as less as possible
Add enough water to cover the chicken pieces, bring it to boil, cook at medium heat until
the chicken is well cooked, add the salt and ready to serve.

Recipe for fish soup for new moms:
1. One piece of fish, it would be better to has skin and scale on it
2. One piece of unsalted bacon
Add enough water to have 1 inch water above the fish, add the bacon, bring it to boil,
cook at medium heat until soup turn to milky white, drink the soup, eat fish, throw the
bacon away
Diet Tips for New Moms
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