Many articles describe smoothies as healthy food.  However when we drink smoothies, our
saliva barely go down with the smoothie to our stomach to help our digestion compared to
chewing our food and swallowing it.  So, if you have digestion issues or you want to protect
your spleen and stomach from future digestion problems, please chew your food rather than
just drinking smoothies.

Our body cannot process cleaning chemical products such as bleaches, dishwasher
detergent, etc.  If we put these chemicals into our body, our body tries to discharge them
through urine or bowel movements.  However, if we put more chemicals in than we can
discharge, our body simply stores the residual chemicals and accumulate it over time until
one day it explodes, shows up as cancer or other symptoms.  So please wash more with
hot water for your dishes, and use clean water with less or no chemicals for food, and rinse
more after using chemicals.

More and more people get electrical or electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which causes
insomnia, palpitation, an uneasy mind, etc.  If you are one of them, please put your phone or
fitbit away in a distance as much as you can, especially during sleep.


Fall is coming quickly. People are starting to finish up yard work and rake leaves.  We have
had a damp summer this year.  So, there are a lot of mold in the yard.  If you are allergic to
mold, you may want to wear mask or scarf to cover your mouth and nose while you are
working outside.  If your allergies are bad, you may want to come in for a treatment or get
some herbs to improve your immune system and reduce the allergy symptoms.

For other suggestions or more detailed information, please, check our
seasonal notes

RECIPES: -- Egg Muffins  

Eating tasty eggs in a busy morning is impossible sometimes.  This Egg Muffins recipe can
help you to have warms tasty eggs without struggling too much.


12 eggs, half pound of bacon or sausage chopped, 2 green onions chopped,
some veggies chopped (optional).


1.      preheat oven to 350F degrees, lightly grease 12 muffin cups, or use paper muffin liners
2.      beat eggs in a large bowl, stir in all other ingredients,
3.      bake in preheated oven until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean (20
to 25 minutes)
4.     cool the egg muffins down to room temperature, put 2 muffins in each Ziploc and put
them in the freezer.  Every morning, take the 2 muffins out and microwave 45 seconds, eat
them warm

Serve 1 person for 6 days.

Have a healthy, happy fall season.
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