Bowel movements are a kind of private topic to talk about even to doctors.  But I believe it is
very important for your health.  From western doctors, it is considered normal to have 5 b.m
per day to 1 b.m. per 5 days.  However I think normally everyone should have 1 to 2 b.m per
day and the shape of the stools should look like a banana.  If it is too dry, the stools look like
small dry balls (rabbit waste), then if not as dry, stools look like bigger hard balls.  If it is too
soft, it becomes diarrhea.  The stools between normal banana stools and diarrhea are the
soft chucks. If you have an abnormal b.m., your body is telling you that something is wrong
and you need to pay attention to it.  If it is too dry, you may want to increase your vegetable
intake, esp. celery. You can take 5 celery sticks per day until your stools become normal.  If it
is too loose, you may start eating more cooked food, and reduce spicy and greasy food.  If
you don’t know what to do or after you try if your stools are still not normal, you may want to
see me to figure out the reason why and get better.


Spring is here.  It is time to start walking more.  If you are not allergic to mold or flowers, you
should try to walk outside, such as around your neighbors or on a trail around a lake.  If you
have allergies, you can walk inside of a mall or a gym.  If the weather does not permit, the
last resort is walk on a treadmill.  But please remember, walking too much or too long on a
treadmill can hurt your knee because the treadmill forces you to walk in a straight line.  It
makes you repeatedly use just a few tendons, muscles and one area of cartilage intensely,
which can deteriorate those tendons, muscles, and esp. cartilage quickly.

For other suggestions or more detailed information, please, check our
seasonal notes

RECIPES: -- Sesame Walnut Candy

Here is the recipe for sesame walnut candy.  Both sesame and walnut are Chinese herbs.
They can improve your brain function, and keep your hair healthy.


3/4 cup of sesame seeds roasted (375°F 5-8 minutes) and grounded, 2 cups of finely
chopped walnuts,1/2 cup honey,2 tablespoons flaked coconut(optional).


1.        Put honey in a cooking pan, turn on the stove to medium high, and stir honey until the
honey starts bubbling.
2.        Add the sesame and walnut (and the coconut optional) to the honey and stir them until
evenly mixed.
3.        Put the mixture into a 9x9 pan, and press it with a spoon or hand until it is flat.  Wait
until it cools down, cut it into small squares and wrap into candy wraps. Store in refrigerator.

Have a healthy, happy spring season.
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