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Spring is liver time based on the 5 element theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is
easy to feel anger or restricted, sometimes you can feel distending discomfort at the ribcage
area, sometimes you feel you sigh more, or want a deep breath. It is the signal that your liver
energy (liver Qi) is not moving smoothly. If you feel discomfort, first think how grateful you are
compared to a lot of other people.  Second, if you dislike someone’s (such as your boss or
your family members’) decision or action, you can rethink how would you solve the problem
if you were him or her. This can be called switch position thinking.  When you position
yourself in the opposite position, you may think differently, which will help you to forgive him
or her and move forward easily.  Third, if neither of them helped, you can practice the yelling
technique that you learned or you can learn from our clinic.  Basically you stand loosely with
feet separated at shoulder-width, palms up and face out, stare out of your eye balls, and yell
hard 2 to 3 times.  Then do 2-3 normal deep breathes.  You will feel better by yelling out.  
You can stop by the clinic if you still have questions about the yelling

For other suggestions or more detailed information, please, check our
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RECIPES: -- Almond Milk

Here is the recipe for home made almond milk.  It is healthy, delicious, and easy to make.


3/4 cup of raw almonds, (vanilla or honey or sugar optional)


1.        Soak almonds in water over night (10 to 12 hours)
2.        Clean the almonds with clean water, squeeze the skins out (optional)
3.        Blend it with 6 cups of water with liquefy function until almonds liquefied. (Use a Nut
Milk Bag to filter the milk, optional)
4.        Pour the raw almond milk to a pot and bring it to boil. (Add vanilla drops when cook,
5.        Add honey or sugar when served (optional). Done. So delicious!

Serves 4 people.

Have a healthy, happy spring season.
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