There is a lot of snow, ice, and especially black ice on the road, parking lots and driveways.  
Please take extra caution when you drive and walk on the icy roads and parking areas to
avoid falling on ice.  Your shoes or boots should have very good grips on ice. When you
walk, try to have your hands extended to sides of body to keep a better balance.  If you fall
and hit your head on the ground, you might have a concussion.  (It may be wise to seek
medical evaluation immediately.) Sleep is the best way to heal your minor concussion.  If
you have bruises, put a heating pad on your bruises, it can help them go away faster.


We are having a bitter cold winter this year.  It is good news for the winter sports lovers.  
However, others, especially seniors and children, may suffer from the cold weather.   It is
very challenging to keep your body warm, especially your hands and feet. If you often have
cold hands and feet, please buy the “palm warmer” from Home Depot or Menards.  Put
those warmers in your gloves, your boots, or on your chest to keep you warm for hours while
you driving, shopping, or exercising. Wearing long johns and wool socks can make you feel
warmer too.  Also, eat more lamb soup with ginger, or drink more ginger tea to keep your
body warm.  Or, you can call me any time to get more help.

For other suggestions or more detailed information, please, check our
seasonal notes

RECIPES: -- Sweet Salty Walnuts

If you are tired of sweet or non seasoned roasted walnuts, this recipe brings
you tasty walnuts so you can eat more


1 lb walnuts or pecans, 1 green onion chopped, 2 tablespoon of oil, 1 tablespoon sweet
bean paste (you can find it in the Asian grocery stores).


1.        Warm up the oil in a pan, add the green onion and the sweet bean paste, stir fry the
paste and onion until you can smell the scent.
2.        Put in all the walnut and continue stir fry until all the walnuts evenly mixed with the
paste and shining.
3.        Cool the walnut down in a big plate until they are hardened. Done. Enjoy!

Serves 16 people.

Have a healthy, happy winter season. Happy New Year
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