Beer Chicken is a Chinese cuisine to make boring chicken tastier.  Here is how to
make it:


2 lb chicken, it can be wings, legs or whole chicken, but NOT boneless skinless
chicken breasts.  1 bottle (6 oz) beer of any brand.  4 slices of ginger root (about 0.5 oz).  
3 tbsp of Chinese dark soy sauce (do not use the light soy sauce because it is too salty
and less tasty). 1 green onion cut into 1 inch long pieces.

1. Cut chicken into 1.5 inch cube and put them into a cooking pan.  Add the ginger into
the pan.  Turn on the stove to high and stir the chicken until the chicken color changed
on the superficial layer.

2. Add the 6oz beer, soy sauce, and the green onion onto the chicken, mix them well.  
Reduce the temperature to medium high.  Cover the pan with lid.  Stir the chicken
occasionally until all the liquid is absorbed by the chicken (may have some greasy fat
left in the pan).  If the chicken is still not cooked yet, gradually add a little more water into
the pan, lower the stove temperature a little and continue to cook until the chicken is

Serves 6-8 people
Beer Chicken
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