A popular Chinese soup for teenagers who are growing fast or for people who have
decreasing bone density (ie. women after menopause) is “Bone Soup.”  Bone soup is
rich in natural calcium in a form that is easily absorbed by our body.  Drinking this soup
two to three times a week can help teenagers feel stronger and avoid bone loss for
other people.


3 lb (or so) of pig bone or cow bone you can find in the Rainbow or other grocery stores,
little salt, some seasonings, such as ginger root or green onion, 8 cups of water.

1. put the bones and seasonings into a slow cooker, bring it to boiling, and cook at
medium high overnight.  The meat will become separated from the bones.
2. take the bones out from the cooker, put the salt in, and wait for the soup to cool. Then,
take most of the fat out of the soup.
3. eat the soup by itself or cook again with other vegetables and serve.

Serves 4 people.
Bone Soup
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