Kelp seaweed is really good food to dissolve phlegm and repair the damage caused by
radiation.   So, if you work in an radiation-intense environment, are frequently in front of
computers, or have a cyst/benign tumor in your body, you should eat them often.  Here
is the receipt of stir-fried seaweed.

1. 2oz of dried Kelp strips (you can find it Chinese grocery store),
2. 4oz Chicken broth,
3. 1 tbs soy sauce,
4. half green onion chopped into small pieces,
5. 2 cloves of garlic smashed and chopped,  
6. 1.5 tbs olive oil or other oil,

1. soak the kelp in ½ gal of water for 24 hours, wash them with more clean water until
the water is clear, cut them in to 2 in long pieces
2. put the cooking oil in a pan, add the kelp, green onion, broth, and soy sauce, cook
until the broth has been completely absorbed and the kelp  is soft.
3. add the garlic, stir for 2 more seconds, done.

Serves 2 people.
Kelp Dish
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