Winter is cold.  But the lamb soup can warm you up.

1 lb of lamb (better with bones in it),
4 green onions,
half bundle of cilantro chopped,
1 pitch of salt,
2 tablespoon of cooking wine (optional),
1 lb of vegetables, such as radish or cabbage.


1. put the lamb in a normal pot with 6 cups of water and cook it 5 minutes after boiling.  
Throw away the boiling water and clean the lamb in warm water (to wash the blood out)

2. put the cleaned lamb, onion, salt, and wine (optional) in a slow cooker to cook over
night.  One hour before the soup ready, put in the vegetables.  Continue cook until the
vegetables well done.

3. add the cilantro when ready to serve. Enjoy!

Serves 2 person.
Lamb Soup
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