Mung Bean Tea is often used to cool the body inside down during the summer in
China.  Mung Beans with the green shells on are "cool" in nature.  It can also reduce
dampness in your body.  So, it can make you feel cooler inside and help to reduce body


½ cup of Mung beans with the green shells, 6 cups of water. Honey or crystal sugar are


1.Put the mung beans and the water in a pot, bring them to boil.
2.Simmer to medium high for about 20 minutes or until the shells open.
3.You can put the honey or sugar in as an option at the last minute
4.Drink the tea alone or eat together with the beans

It can be served warm, room temperature, or put it into the refrigerator to cool it down
further (not recommended, but it may taste better)
Mung Bean Tea
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