A popular Chinese easy-digested food is noodle egg soup. If you just recovered from
cold or flu, or have very low appetite, this soup can help you with enough nutrition
without consuming a lot of your energy to digest it.


1 can low sodium and low fat chicken or beef broth, 1 oz thin rice or wheat noodles, 1
egg, and some sesame oil.


1.Beat the egg in a small bow
2.Bring the broth to a boil in a pot
3.Put the noodle in the broth, and boil until noodle cooked
4.Drop the egg in the broth and spread it in a circular fashion, wait until the soup boil
5.Add a coup of drops of sesame oil in the soup. It is ready to serve.

Serves 1 person
Noodle Egg Soup
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