Pumpkins can help improve pancreas function, so it is a very good food to treat and
prevent diabetes.  However, a lot of people eat pumpkins with sugar, such as the
pumpkin pie baked in stores.  The sugar, unlike pumpkins, will damage the pancreas.  
So, eating pumpkins with sugar in it destroys many of its health benefits. Here is a
recipe which will help your pancreas:

1.5 lb pumpkin, 10 oz milk, 1 tbsp unsweetened cream.


1. Take out the pumpkin seeds and peel the skin, slice the pumpkin to 0.25inch small
slices, steam them until they are soft/cooked.

2. Put the pumpkin and the milk into a blender, set to liquefy for about 3 minutes.

3. Pour the pumpkin into a pan, add the cream, cook it on the stove until it starts to
bubble/boil. You can add some sesame seeds for decoration.

Serve 2 people.
Pumkin Soup
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