Fish is a healthy food that is easy to digest. It is high in protein.  Here is one way to cook


1.1lb fish fillet, such as walleye, perk, etc.
2.1 green onion chopped, 5 slices of ginger root chopped, 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp soy sauce,
2 clove garlic chopped, a pinch salt, 1 small red pepper if you like spicy taste.


1. evenly distribute  half of the ginger on a plate, put fish on the top of the ginger, evenly
massage the salt on the top of the fish, put the plate in a steamer, steam 15 minutes
after the water starts boiling (the fish will turn white). dump some extra juice out of the
plate (doesn't have to be too dry).

2. put all the remaining ingredients into a frying pan and heat on high; stir the
ingredients until the oil bubbles and the garlic turns to slight yellow.

3. pour all the ingredients from the frying pan on top of the steamed fish plate evenly.
You're done!

Serves 3 persons.
Steam Fish
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