We will remain open with shorter evening hours.


If you are concerned about exposure here:

There is hardly anyone working in this building right now. Our treatment rooms  are wiped down and sanitized after each patient as our standard policy.

Negative Air Pressure Treatment Rooms!

We care about the health and safety of our patients! The treatment rooms have negative pressure (same as ICU) with low humidity (38%) and room temperature of 78 degrees. The COVID virus can not survive in this type of environment. We also use TDP heat lamps and moxibustion, both of which are known to kill viruses. All surfaces are cleaned after each patient and we are not treating anyone with any symptoms of anything. This is a clean and safe environment, even more safe than your home! 

Herbal medicine sent to YOU!

I am available for phone or video consultation ($40.00 for new patients) and herbal formulas can be mailed directly to you!

You can also email: cb@altermedacupuncture.com or call the clinic (952) 224-9610 to schedule.


COVID-19 Basic Strategies

Prevention and Self Care


Stress Management During the Pandemic.